- Brendan Wattenburg, A short history of the African Photobook (June 2017)

Juliana Domingos de Lima, Este blog reúne mais de 150 livros de fotografia sobre a África (May 2017)

- Africa in the Photobook - Interview with Ben Krewinkel (August 11th 2016)

Africa through the photo-book form: ideas and concerns about a forgotten continent by Ben Krewinkel (June 23rd 2016)

- Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa, 'The Lives of Others', Aperture (October 22nd 2015)

- Database books on photobooks

- David Company, 'The Photobook': What's in a name' in Aperture Magazine

Edward Kgosidintsi, 'Black Social Photography in South Africa: Before & After' in OK Africa

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